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I'm counting the last hours until leaving.I'm sitting at the airport and my emotional carousel is driving much faster.
My view of life is changing a lot. I'm not a person who is judging that much but I did and in the last days I tried to change my way of thinking. And do you know how wonderful life could be if you are more open minded and percieving more consciously your surroundings? If you try to see in each bad situaion the good in it makes everything more easy. Well it is not easy to think always positive and I can't do it every time even if I want to. But to try make it less complicated. I got feelings full of pain, joy, anger, despair and hope. To handle with this is hard but I'm finding a way for me to work with that. Well we had a car accident last week and my first thought was "Oh my god we broke down the car of someone else" and the second thought was "Is everybody ok?". I'm a bit shocked that my first intention was just tangible.…

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