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Go different and you live different

Today is another beautiful day in Canada. British Columbia is one of the warmest places in Canada and so it is Vancouver Island where I'm living now. In the last 5 weeks my life in Germany where I was working all the time, couldn't enjoy much of my spare time and felt totally stressed, changed to a life in Canada where I'm enjoying the nice people, the wonderful nature and have to work more relaxed. Everything is more relaxed than in busy Germany. I'm living in an old motorhome from 1979 like a gypsy and calming down more and more.

I had a lot of dreams which came true in the last weeks and all of this just because I choosed a different path. I could still sit in Germany, counting the days to my next vacation but this wouldn't make me happy. Some people call me brave but I didn't think so. It is more brave to choose always the same way if it makes you unhappy and you only do it because it is safe.

What is really safe in life? You can die tomorrow or just when …

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