The campsite view, Hope, BC, Canada

My life in Germany seems to be so far away. I think I'm learning to start living in the present moment. It is not always working this way but I won't stop trying.
I really like Vancouver but I think that's not the place I has to be. It is a pretty busy and noisy City like big cities are. When I was younger it was one of my biggest dreams to live in New York or Los Angeles but since I'm changing in the last couple of months I start to enjoy the silence and nature more and more. As I was thinking of going back to Australia I enjoyed the idea to live in the outback. So now I'm not in Australia but Canada is at least as beautiful as Australia is.
And I really need to tell you this experience which we had last week.
In my last post I told you that we bought this great camper from 1979. My boyfriend and I always talked about a life in a camper but we couldn't truly imagne that this could be so easy.
Buying this big guy was the best choice for so far. It makes us independent. But even it was pretty cheap to get him it wasn't really our first option. That's why we decided to start working asap. Safe some money to prepare the motorhome for the winter time.
It isn't hard getting a job here. But I'm pretty sure we would stuck in this big city and would fall back in old patterns. So I was pretty upset when we get a job so fast. My boyfriend couldn't really understand that, well me neither. We had a small discussion when he gave me a bit time to think about it.

Elvis drove us to Hope ;)

I slept over it and when I woke up he was sitting in front of me, smiling and asking: "So, what are you thinking about a small trip into the nature before we will start working? You can choose where ever you want to go." I hadn't think about it pretty long, smiled back at him and said:"This would be awesome!" So he already packed some things while I start to choose a place where we can go. Because we couldn't spend too much money, the island wasn't an option at this moment.
That's why I found 'Hope' on that map which is around 150 km out of the city. A pretty small town with lakes and lots of moutains around. Also the spanish guys who sold us the motorhome mentioned this town as a pretty nice place. So our trip started early in the morning and we had no ideao that this place would change everything.
The motorhome went pretty good but as we drove to our campsite I couldn't believe that this happened what we already witnessed for 5 years ago. The motorhome stopped in the middle of the way on the campground and it didn't start again. When we were in Austalia, our old car Henry, alo from 1979, stopped on a campground, too. Some wonderful people came and helped us and so the people in Hope did. The next surprise was that a mechanic team came after work for helping us, too, and while they told us on the phone we have to pay 120 $ just for coming out, they fixed the car (it was just someting with the gas pump), we had a great talk and then they gave us their card and said: "Welcome to Canada!" I couldn't believe what happened. So much kindness. I was totally stunned.

At the Othello Tunnels, Hope, BC, Canada

But it wasn't over yet. What happened in the next hours should fullfil so many of my dreams which I had a long time.
We were sitting with the people outside, drank some cider, went on with the younger ones for some dinner where they paid for us and later on we met some other gorgeous people at the campfire, where we had so many good conversations. And the best thing, in the night we went on a bridge, climbed at the bottom of it and sat down in the middle of the bridge, down to our feets the river and over our heads the stars with the shadows of the mountais in the back. A view you totally have witness by yourself to get this wonderful feeling. So amazing.

Will never forget the view from this bridge

Next day two of them took us to wonderful places like the Othello Tunnels and a special spot at a lake where we just hung around, did some swimming, listened to good music and enjoyed ourselves.
This lifestyle I was dreaming about so long. After this days we had back our hope that we can live the life we imagine. We totally knew that we couldn't stay in Vancouver. But first we had to go back, because we had to tell it our host who will be on holidays until Saturday while we feed his chicken and doing some things in the house. And we really had to think about it where we wanna go.

The Kawkawa lake close to Hope, BC, Canada

It is pretty hard to choose the right place for you in this area because everything is so beautiful. Should we go on the island or should we go inland? Both have they merits. All the people we met got other options for us.

Othello Tunnels, Hope, BC, Canada

We went back to Vancouver where our motorome stopped again. Curiously I wasn't really frustated about it because it is an old car and it is easier to fix. Also I'm pretty sure that this car (which we really has to name), brings us to the people we should meet.
Because this time gorgeous people helped us again. While a guy fixed the motorhome with my boyfirend, who had lots of fun by learning to fix his own car, I was invited to get a coffee at the home of a wonderful woman. I had a deeper conversation with her and feel so understood about my way of changing. She told me so many interesting things about life, which confirmed me, that I'm on a good way.
This time the gas pump was stucking again but they could find the problem why it was always stucking. Now the engine works better than before.
The woman ordered us some food and we faded away the evening with her and her husband. We definitely will see each other again.

Elvis totally enjoyed it

So now I'm sitting here on my computer, enjoying the sun, while my boyfriend is doing a job in a bakery only for this week and thinking lots about this past days, how beautiful it was and what wonderful people we met.
Hope I can give all this kindness back to other people again. We're still sure we will leave Vancouver soon. But we're still thinking about where we we go next.
I'm so excited what's coming next. Life could be so amazing, you just need to believe in you and your dreams.
We will see where life brings us next.
Thanks to everybody we met in the last days and to those who are supporting us all the time.

I love this view to the Kawkawa Lake

And please don't stop hoping. Hope is the best thing you can have for changing your life.

Be in balance, Fraser river, Hope, BC, Canada


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