Meeting yourself

Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada 

Have you ever had this feeling that there is something inside you which you never know about? Maybe you feel there is something but you really can't say what it is until it comes out. The reason why it comes out is different, I really can't tell you why I realized it. Maybe it was because I followed my dreams and manifasted it, maybe because of some talks to others. I can't really tell and well this is not the point. I just want to say, that I think we all have something in us which we didn't really realized because we are always stressed and have so much to do, that we forget why we are here or who we are.
I'm pretty sure we are wasting our time with things we didn't really want and we don't take our time to think about what we want.
So of course you want to know what I'm talking about, what is that which I didn't know before, which is in me.

At Cowichan Lake, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada 

Well how should I explain it? I got a lot of time with me in the last weeks and it was like I get to know me. I realized that I'm a really inquisitive person which wants to know how we humans are working, how animals and the nature do, why we live in a world where we destroy everything even us and so many other things. I started searching for my real interests like when I was younger and I always tried something new. I like to read, I like dancing, like drawing, like skateboarding, I love the seasons and watching the nature and so on. My list is getting longer everyday. I got so many interests and if I had keep them since I'm a child I still would know, but it's like learning again which I've missed after my childhood, because the most important thing when you are getting older is having a good education, learn a job and get money and it is all about stress. When you are starting school everybody wants to explain you, that you have to fit in a system which every human being doesn't fit in. We are building our own cage because we learned it like that.

I'm in love with the Canadian fall

In your childhood you have so many passions and you believe that you can be everybody when you are an adult but after you're living longer in this world you are loosing your passions and you think the most things are impossible. Why is it like that? Because we're loosing our faith to ourselves because we are teached like this. But why are there still people which reached their goals? For example "Hollywood". There is a whole bunch of people which reached their goals, they never stopped trying. A lot of them where people like you and me when they were born and they still are with the difference that they manifasted their dreams. Do you think they would reached the goal if they stopped dreaming?

So why don't we teach the children more to be theirself, to follow their interests? Of course there are things to learn in schools which you need to live in our society, but we're individuals and it is proven that we're working better when this is our interest. So many children are bored in public schools and loosing their passion like us.
I don't want to say that it is the fault of our schools, no, it is not. It is our whole environment which we have to change.
It is kind of a waking up when you are realized there is more in you which was hiding from you a long time.
For example I didn't care about good food and going out into the nature, when I was in Germany, because all what I did was working and going fast home to sleep. For me everything was too much for me even go into a grocery store to buy your food. Everything needed to get fast because I wanted to take my time to sleep or watching TV to calm down. I was always tired and of course I was.
When I'm watching my past environment I start to realized why it was like that. I was in a vicious circle full of stress like most of the people do and they only realized it when it is too late or when they got the way out from the circle however why.

Nice dog walk at the river

After I realized it I was like: How couldn't I see it? It is so obvious and I'm pretty sure you only can understand this when you realized it by yourself. But maybe it gives you a new perspective.
What I realized? That our world is a big catastrophy and we created it.
We are destroying our nature and our bodies. It is ridiculous that we forget so many things which does the humans know for hundreds of years. I can't believe that this happened.
Do you remember that your grandmother knew which herbs are good for your body when you were sick? And what if you ask your mum, does she still know it? Do you know it?
Well, maybe there are a few, which makes me really happy, but I'm one of the generations which has no idea how I should survive wihout going into the pharmacy. And for a couple of month I would say herbs are not working, but do you know what? They work and much more things which are create from the nature are working. But there is one thing why we are thinking it is not. Because it takes a bit time to recovery. We are used to it, that it has work on point, because we have to feel good on the next day to go to work. If you are sick, a lot of people don't understand that you are staying at home for a week because of a cold. 3 days are more than enough or? Wrong, we are humans, no robots. We need time for recovery. But if you are in the circle you are stressed to get healthy quick so you don't try to use herbs, you take a pill which is destroying your body more than it helps. But you won't realized it, not now, but definitely later. I can't believe that I had the opinion that I was right with taking quick pills to get healthy as soon as possible.

Vancouver Island view

Well, I really have to tell you that it scares me sometimes because it seems like I'm a stranger for myself and I have to getting know this person better, which will take a long time but I think I could like this person which is coming slowly outside. What scares me, too. In the past I couldn't handle with people like that and now I have to realize that I'm one of these persons.
This person seems to be so different and I have not really an idea how I can bring my outside me and my inside me together. But while I'm writing it I already started. That's a crazy thing, you are searching for solutions but you are already the solution. You didn't learn how you do it right? Well just because you are thinking you have to change something is all what you need to know.

Sometimes it is nice feeling like a child

For example here in this small place where I'm living now are a lot of people which trying to change something. I was so fascinated how they do it, how I can be like them, but I always forget that they started one time, they just started. I'm young, I have so much time to learn about my old/ new person in me and just because I get in touch with these people is the first step for a better comprehension.
Which doesn't mean that you can be too old for changing something, for knowing you better, but we all are humans and got weaknesses, one of mine is definitely being patient.

Here it is: The Cowichan Valley 

I wish you a beautiful weekend and hope you find time to meet yourself.

First seen Bald Eagle


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