What matters in life?

Beach at Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC

My blog is called "My way to HAPPINESS" and I always wanted to be happy. But in the last weeks I had to think about it what it is being happy. Is it just the feeling or is it all of it.
In one of my last days in Germany I had one situation in which I realised that I was completely happy. Happy with me, my life changing and myself, how I released things beside it was also sad.
Of course this feeling went away but all that was left was satisfaction. And this makes me feel so good.
At the moment I'm sitting on this wonderful Vancouver Island in our camper and just staring into the woods, enjoying this amazing silence and this beautiful nature. I'm feeling this satisfaction again, so in my opinion you are always on a way to happiness and like Konfuzius said: "the journey is the reward".

At the beautiful cabin of our friends in Duncan, Vancouver Island, Canada

But the journey should be full of the feeling of being happy, feel free and satisfied.
And for me the designation will be when I really internalize that everything what I did was good like I was. Sad things or things which makes you angry are an element of happiness. You can't know what it is to being happy when you always feel it.
Maybe some of you know the feeling while they are traveling a long time, seeing beautiful things each day. You're getting tired of it and can no more see the beauty in it.
Someone else said, happiness is maybe love and I really appreciate this because all of our acting and all of our feelings should have they roots in love.
Maybe it sounds of you a bit spaced out. But why? Because you don't believe in real love? Then you prevent or maybe you protect yourself to feel love. I can truly understand that because it is hard to show your emotions, since society try to use it against you and is telling you this is a weakness but it isn't. Showing your emotions in a society who didn't accept too much of it needs a lot more strenghts than being adjust.

Amazing landscape where we are staying at this moment, Duncan, Vancouver Island, Canada

Somebody told me for couple of years ago that I sometimes has to be an as*hole when I want to assert oneself. And I really couldn't agree with that and I still can't. Well it makes me pretty sad and a bit angry that people are thinking they has to be an as*hole. Why should I want to be like this? Because they are an as*hole to me? That's revenge and I really don't think that's the sense of life. It is destroying us. We are destroying us all the time want to feel them bad because they did bad things to us. NO. Stop it.
If nobody change and we all are thinking we have to be always an a*shole just for protecting, we shouldn't wonder that people are becoming not nicer, well they become more nasty to us. So why is it so hard to be the change and try to being nice to people around you. Well I know it is hard. I'm trying it 28 years and nearly 5 years more aware and I still get nasty reactions and yes sometimes it hurts but I'm learning to see it not personal, if a person is reacting like this I try to explain myself that there has to be a reason and I'm definitely not this reason because mostly the person didn't really knows me.

Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Another point is that we are thinking we have to protect us and our feelings to get hurt so we teach our children and the teenagers that they always has to protect their selves. As I did my apprentice as a hairdresser I was shocked what happened with most of the teenagers in my class. They were around 16 years who are full of motivation in the beginning and after a couple of months they were a shadow of one's former self. They get so many doubts, lost theire passion and fun. And the reason was that they just had to function and emotions are just a tenderness for operating perfectly in the eyes of society.

Some firewood at the cabin

I guess in a couple of years we are becoming more and more like robots, hiding our emotions because we will think that we always has to be afraid of getting hurt because nobody will teach us how to handle with  feelings. Well a lot of us unlearned it too because the past generation didn't teached us good enough to loose the feeling of being scared of our surroundings. And the generation before neither.
Well somewhere was the root were we started to protect our emotions but in my opinion we can stop it.
Do you really, I mean really feel good in this world where everybody has to be rude to stay alive?
I can't indtroduce that because I know how good it is to be surrounded by friendly and honest humans. This short time in Canada shows me there are more people like me who wants to be good to others and being happy that someone is good to them.
Can you believe that I couldn't accept all the kindness here? I really feel bad to get so much help from the people, but they didn't want something from us. We always asked what we can give them to say thank you. But for them the thanks was to meet us or to have a good conversation. They are so totally selfless which shows me that everybody could be like that.

On the way to the ferry to Vancouver Island

Of course Canada got people which can be nasty too. All over this planet are people which are nasty but a lot of them just hiding their emotions and if we are starting to change we can show them that they don't need to hide them anymore. That it is ok to being nice without loosing yourself.
I know we all can't be a happy family even it would be great. But just creating a better future with more kindness for the next generation could be the start for something much better than the life in which we are just existing.
Well we don't have to give the future generation more technology, more money or more luxury because that are things which are fading.
And if you are thinking back into your childhood, what was it which made you more happy? New toys or playing outside with friends?
Thanks for reading.

-Sometimes just a smile could be the change-


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