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Meeting yourself

Have you ever had this feeling that there is something inside you which you never know about? Maybe you feel there is something but you really can't say what it is until it comes out. The reason why it comes out is different, I really can't tell you why I realized it. Maybe it was because I followed my dreams and manifasted it, maybe because of some talks to others. I can't really tell and well this is not the point. I just want to say, that I think we all have something in us which we didn't really realized because we are always stressed and have so much to do, that we forget why we are here or who we are. I'm pretty sure we are wasting our time with things we didn't really want and we don't take our time to think about what we want. So of course you want to know what I'm talking about, what is that which I didn't know before, which is in me.

Well how should I explain it? I got a lot of time with me in the last weeks and it was like I get to know …

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