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What matters in life?

My blog is called "My way to HAPPINESS" and I always wanted to be happy. But in the last weeks I had to think about it what it is being happy. Is it just the feeling or is it all of it. In one of my last days in Germany I had one situation in which I realised that I was completely happy. Happy with me, my life changing and myself, how I released things beside it was also sad. Of course this feeling went away but all that was left was satisfaction. And this makes me feel so good. At the moment I'm sitting on this wonderful Vancouver Island in our camper and just staring into the woods, enjoying this amazing silence and this beautiful nature. I'm feeling this satisfaction again, so in my opinion you are always on a way to happiness and like Konfuzius said: "the journey is the reward".

But the journey should be full of the feeling of being happy, feel free and satisfied. And for me the designation will be when I really internalize that everything what I did w…

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